Idag har vi invigt vår valstuga på Vällingby torg. Stämningen var god och många ville prata med vår invigningstalare, justitieminister Beatrice Ask, som gärna tog en pratstund med alla.

En stund senare började det emellertid regna, och eftersom vår stuga inte är riktigt färdig ännu så regnade det in. Vi har inga fönster i den heller än… Nåja, det kommer snart. :-)

En tanke om “Valstugan i Vällingby invigd

  1. I agree with my compatriot. Coming to England from Sweden would be like juinpmg out of the frying pan into the fire. However, despite the multicultural wonderland that is London, as shown in the Olympics opening ceremony, Oslo is still being allowed to send us our Christmas tree for Trafalgar Square, unlike Brussels. But there was a lot of controversy when Rio sent us a copy of Christ the Redeemer to erect on Windmill Hill in London ( we can’t put that up it would upset the cultural enrichment, mustn’t press the Christian country button ). He is right about large areas of England that are still largely untouched. I live in one but we are holding our breath. I speak of England because the bulk of mass immigration has been into England, even though there are more muslims per head of population in Scotland now. If the ethnic minority is 8% ( probably higher ) then it must be more like 15% plus in England. As regards the English, they are a bit lazy and frightened of rocking boats so they do leave it until their backsides are pressed firmly against the wall until they rebel. Some of us can’t always understand why they are so docile. I think the fate of Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, which has been made public to many by UKIP no less, will be the Rubicon that has been crossed. It has shown the vindictiveness of the Marxists and globalizing plutocrats when faced with those who stand up to them and their one world plan; which is totally contrary to the nationalistic and pro-homogeneity tribalist instincts of the majority of human beings.